Radio Controlled Watches

Citizen’s concept models demonstrate their prowess with technology and Citizen radio controlled watches were the next thing they introduced after Eco-Drive became a wide-spread phenomenon. Targetting the crowd who goes by as if their life depends on a split-second decision, the radio controlled watches from Citizen has become the travellers’ choice worldwide. The Citizen eco drive radio controlled watch has since proved to be the ultimate instrument for frequent flyers and jetsetters alike and has won the hearts of those who like keeping track of the advancements in timepiece technology.
Particularly noticeable among this range are the Citizen skyhawk watches, not just for the technology but also for exotic materials, the Citizen skyhawk titanium watch being a fine example. These radio-controlled timepieces automatically adjust themselves to the standard-time radio waves flowing in from five different regions in the world: Japan, Germany, China and two sources in USA. But everything aside, it is digital precision brought to an analog system and the Citizen skyhawk radio controlled watch series continues to inspire awe!

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