Casio Analog Digital Marine Gear AMW-710-1AVDF Mens Watch

Those caught in an eternal debate of whether form, style and functions can unite without shooting the prices up atrociously must have a look at the Casio Marine Gear AMW 710 1AV Men’s Digital Analog Sports Watch. It is a fine example of all three going hand in hand, especially to them who die by the analog/digital format. For, in the Casio Marine Gear watch, the digital features blend effortlessly into the analog setting.Casio Edifice EFR-547L-7AV EFR547L-7AV Chronograph Illuminator Analog Men's WatchThe prime functional strength of the Marine Gear AMW 710 1AV is its 1/100th second chronograph – well, stopwatch – as some digital aficionados would like to say. It measures time for a total duration of 24 hours (23:59’59.99), including elapsed time, two different ones, at a time, which is a great aid to the athletic and usual crowd both. Whether you are working out, jogging, swimming or racing and maybe even cooking, roasting or baking, it helps you get your things done to the exact span required for a flawless outcome. You also get split time that helps you keep track of different events one after another without requiring starting the process all over again. On the durability side, stainless steel (case), aluminium (bezel) and resin (strap and buckle) play a wonderful symphony. Three levels of toughness ensure complete safety during rigorous activities. The combo looks trendy though addressing ingredients that are quite polar opposites. Its usefulness, apart from the chrono – sorry, stopwatch, comes from the other functions which makes it fairly a loaded piece. The moon-phase indicator with tide graph earned it the designation of Casio Watches. Unless a watch can predict these two things precisely, it doesn’t qualify as a marine watch, even if you can take it thousands deep. Sailing the watercourses require the tide graph more than anything and tides, related to the phase of the moon, can let you take the strides or break your every effort. You want to return to the shore empty handed or with a big catch? The Casio Watches can be a big determinant!Casio Analog Digital Marine Gear AMW-710-1AVDF AMW-710-1AV Mens WatchNext, it is the 12/24 hour format. You don’t need this in a casual day to day life unless you have a fascination for it, but in the real action world, things don’t go the 12-hour way. There, you need to denote the PM hours exactly as they read.  Together with multi-alarms, hourly time signals and a full Auto-Calendar till 2099, you got one of the best tools for the trades on your wrist!Oh, we went knee deep into technicalities; let’s see how it fares on the fashion road. Impressively dazzling, the Casio Analog Digital Marine Gear AMW-710-1AVDF Mens Watch catches eyes with its vibrant orange, steel and black; it gives the watch a peppy look but without going overboard. The colour combo radiates a sportive aura and adds the tough look. It’s more like a gentleman who knows when to be tough and not a thug who always looks tough.