Fossil Goodwin Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter FS5414 Men’s Watch

Here’s what I love about this watch; clean design, large luminescent markers, large luminescent hands in fact, even the elegant second hand has luminescence. Add all this to its chrono functionality and a price tag of just US $ 88 and you have a watch looks awesome and within budget too.Fossil Goodwin Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter FS5414 Men's WatchA watch is a classy accessory and the modern-day timepieces do more than just show the time – they are a model of convenience and functionality all rolled into a tiny case that sits on your wrist. People purchase watches based on the style and utility. Generally, they are looking for a classy yet understated timepiece that can be worn at all occasions. The Fossil Goodwin Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter FS5414 Men’s Watch is a classy wristwatch that exudes elegance. The stainless-steel watch case gives the watch a sturdy feel while the leather strap makes it a comfortable fit.  The Fossil FS5414 comes with a blue dial with white prominent markers and hands. And, as mentioned previously, both the markers as well as the hands have luminescence so it is easy to read the time even in pitch darkness. The tachymeter scale is located on the watch dial unlike most other similar pieces that have it located on the watch bezel. The tachymeter allows you to measure the speed based on the travel time for a fixed distance. There are three other sub dials that denote the other functions in this watch. The Analog display is clear and legible. There is also a small window showing the date – located between the 4th and 5th marker. Adjustments can be done with the help of the pull/push crown which you will find at the 3 o’clock position. Fossil Goodwin Chronograph Tachymeter Quartz FS5412 Men's WatchOverall, the Fossil Goodwin Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter FS5414 is an excellent watch that is a well built and functional accessory for men. The Fossil Brand of Watches tend to focus more on the fashion and design aspects rather than functionality of the watch. If you’re looking for a basic watch that is classy as well, the Fossil Goodwin Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter FS5414 Men’s Watch might just be the one for you and, the chronograph and tachymeter add to its functionality. It is a good package and definitely value for money.I bought this watch online at for just under $90. The site offers many other options in men’s and women’s watches, so if you don’t like this model, browse through and take your pick from other options. Zeta Watches is a well-known online watch store that offers quality products to a global clientele. The site is known for its quality products and prompt shipping that is free of cost, secure payments and customer protection. Although I did not have occasion to try it out, my friends said their customer service is quick and efficient.Another reason to buy from Zeta is the daily promotional offers so, look out for those discount coupons or codes. Whichever brand or watch model you end up buying, I hope it looks awesome and serves you well.