Our Luminox Watches Online collection now carries everything from the Navy Seal to Luminox automatic watches. These Discount Luminox Watches span over all the four (or six) categories; know a bit about first where to choose from.
Apart from the Sea Series, the Air Series, the Land Series and the Space Series, Luminox has the Modern Mariner 6500 series that can be considered a category on its own. Same applies to the Luminox titanium watches, the 3600 Series. Stainless steel, Titanium, ultra-lightweight carbon-reinforced polycarbonate, tough rubber and hardened mineral crystal (much less prone than standard sapphire crystal to shatter under extreme stress) are some of the common materials you’ll find in the Luminox.
Shop Luminox Watches – whether it’s the Luminox Watches for Mens or the Luminox Watches for Womens, you’ll get the same military-quality built that found use among US Coast Guards, Air Force personnel and the formidable Navy SEALs.

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