Diesel Bolt-down DZ7416 Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch

If you are an unusual sort of person; someone who thinks differently, acts differently and behaves differently, then the watch that would most suit your personality would in all probability, come from the Diesel brand. Take the Diesel Bolt-down DZ7416 Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch for example; it has not one but three analog watches within […]

Zeppelin LZ 127 8678-4 86784 Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch

This sepia tinted wrist watch stared at me from the magazine cover lying on the coffee table in my father’s room the other day. It looked almost like an inherited antique piece that was lovingly passed down the generations. The Zeppelin LZ 127 8678-4 Chronograph Quartz is truly a classic, complete with the reddish brown […]

Michael Kors Chronograph Crystal MK5165 Women’s Watch

Yesterday, my friend Sally came to work sporting a brand-new watch. It looked just like the jewellery piece she had on her wrist. Sally is a stylish young lady who loves her bracelets and trinkets. She had on this gorgeous stone bracelet alongside the watch and the effect was extraordinary. Sally was basking in compliments […]