Tissot – Traditionally Innovative


Technology has always been changing. Just like time and tide wait for no one, the technological tide overtakes every generation. Watchmaking industry is no stranger to this phenomenon, it has seen a lot of technological changes over the centuries. Few watch brands have stood the test of time in terms of technology, and come out ahead. Few watch brands are still on the forefront of the horological spectrum, one such brand being Tissot. The very name brings to mind the Swiss history of traditional watchmaking. The Tissot watch brand has been on the forefront of progressive craftsmanship with many firsts to their credit since its establishment in 1853. Swiss quality and reliability are embodied in Tissot timepieces. In fact, the Tissot logo with the plus sign symbolises these two tenets prominently.

Every component of the Tissot watch is steeped in quality, a feature recognised worldwide and one of the main reasons for the brand selling in excess of four million timepieces every year. It is no surprise then that the renowned name of Tissot is associated with many global events like the World Cycling Championships, Motorsports, Superbike Championships as well as in other sporting fields like basketball, ice hockey, rugby and fencing.

Starting with the dual time zone pocket watch way back in 1853, Tissot has come a long way and today it is known for the innovative T-touch technology that uses touch screen technology to operate gadgets like compass, altimeter, barometer and backlight on the wristwatch. The Tissot watch today boasts of being a mini gadget on your wrist that can be operated with a mere touch of the dial.

Tissot creates watches with effortless style. The brand is ahead of the gamut even in respect to the different style of watches it creates. While the brand is associated with sports watches, Tissot smart casual watches, dress watches and the pocket watches are also in great demand.

Tissot watches are considered the best quality watches in the mid-luxury watch range. Tissot offers mid-range luxury watches which are a great option for someone looking for a luxury watch within an affordable price range. The Tissot Men’s watch collection at Zeta Watches ranges from $200 to 1300 range while ladies’ watches are priced between $290-$750. Additionally, these prices are marked down by about 25% and more. You could view the vast collection of Tissot watches available at Zeta watches here: https://www.zetawatches.com.

A Tissot watch on your wrist speaks of luxury and style, it tells the world who you are. As you would see from their collections, the brand offers a range of watches to suit many styles and preferences as well as price ranges. If you’re looking for your first luxury watch, I’d say, go for a Tissot any day.