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Ice Watch

A few days ago, my eight-year-old son came asking for a watch for school. Now, I was in a bit of a fix. We all know how careless kids can be when it comes to looking after their stuff. Understandably, I was a little hesitant giving him an expensive timepiece. So, like everyone else these days, I went online searching for a children’s watch which is not too expensive but appealing to kids.

I came across the Ice Forever Extra Small Quartz Children’s Watch. This was one cool looking watch, sporty, colourful and trendy. When I looked it over, I knew this was the one. I showed it to my son and he liked it too.

Ice Watch is a brand that makes funky, colourful watches for men women as well as children. Ice Watch offers a large range of good-looking watches that are affordable.

The Ice Forever Collection offers a wide choice in colours and sizes. In fact, one of the features of the Ice Watch brand is that each model comes in three different sizes – small, medium and large. The medium sized watches can be worn by both, men and women alike. Additionally, you get to choose from a wide array of colours as well.

The purple piece that I chose for my son has a purple polyamide case and purple silicon strap, which is a good thing. Silicon strap is the best material for a kid’s watch considering the rough use it will be put to. A purple dial with white hands and markers that are luminous in the dark completes this casual but trendy time piece.

Ice offers a wide range of watches from its different collections. Some of the collections are Ice Lo, Ice Watch Glam, Ice Forever, Ice Steel, Ice Cosmos, Ice Flower – all of them offering different designs in some of the most eye -catching colours you can imagine. The Ice LO collection is exclusively for women – these timepieces with their bright glitter and subtly coloured dial paired with a dazzling white wrist strap are fresh as the summer breeze. What attracted me about this watch was the smooth and sleek shape of the entire piece with no rough edges.

Ice Glam collection again features women’s watches in a sleek and trendy shape. With a completely minimalistic dial and the silicon strap melded to the watch case, the ICE Glam Quartz Women’s watch is a sleek and classy timepiece. It could easily pass of as a cool accessory to your outfit for a casual day out or impress colleagues at the office equally well. ICE Glam series comes in various colour combinations like black and gold, black with rose gold accents, white with gold, etc.

For the gents there is the Ice Steel collection which has some exclusive timepieces in fabulous hues. These watches with their unique good looks are a hit with the younger generation.

Ice watches are very versatile, made up of material that speaks quality, available in several colour shades, and above all, affordable, hence, hard not to find one of your choice. Wear your age, wear your creativity! Get your ICE watch here at